Formation Old Lukean Association

1. Membership is opened to:

        (i)    ex-students of SMK St. Luke as well as SK St. Luke;

        (ii)    ex-teachers and other staff of SMK St. Luke and SK St. Luke.

2. The first meeting of the Association was held on the 13th of March, 2004 at SMK St. Luke. Around 100 ex-students and staff of SMK St. Luke and SK St. Luke were invited to the function. During the meeting a problem committee was successful formed comprising of :-

                                        The Chairman : Mr Edmeade

                                        Committee members : Mr Richard, Mr James Jawat

                                                                           Mr James Roselly, Mdm Dora,

                                                                           Mdm Margaret, Mdm Villa Lau,

                                                                           Mdm Shirley, Dr. Aris,

                                                                           Mr Terence Ajit, Mr. Victor Billie,

                                                                           Mdm Rebecca, Mr Lagat Langi and Mr Winston Debab

                                        Auditor : Mdm Limok Shem


Objective of the Old Lukean Association

3. The Old Lukean Association was formed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. to solicit donations from ex-students and staff of the school for the building of a new two storey classroom block

  2. to raise funds for putting up a roof over the whole basketball court area where the school assembly is held

  3. to set up mini museum. Ex-students and staff of the school are invited to contribute old photos and certificates (originals or photostate copies), old T-shirt, magazines of the school and any other relevant materials

  4. a venue for Old Lukeans to meet and to share ideas and trade experiences.


Applications to be a member of the old Lukean Association


1. Application forms to be a member of Old Lukean Association will be given out by contacting us at the following email address......................

2. Completed applications forms should be accompanied by:

                                    (i) a copy of your identity card

                                    (ii) Membership fee - RM 2.00 per year

                                         Entrance fee - RM 2.00

                                         or Life Membership fee - RM 50.00

3. Completed applications form should be sent to :-

                                        The Secretary Old Lukean Association,

                                        SMK St. Luke, 95000, Sri Aman,

                                        Sarawak, Malaysia.

                                        Tel.: 083-322089

Activities 2004 of Old Lukean Association

1. Senator Puan Sri Empiang has kindly consented to be the Advisor.

2. Activities:

30.3.2004 First meeting held at SMK St. Luke to form the Protem Committee of the Old Lukean Association
18.5.2004 Second meeting of the Old Lukean Association Protem Committee were made to the constitution of the Association
25.8.2004 Third meeting by the Old Lukean Association Protem Committee

Registration of the Association

2.9.2004 Fourth meeting to discuss the formation of Reunion Dinner Committe and the official launching of the Old Lukean Association
13.9.2004 A group comprising members of the Old Lukean Protem Committee made a trip down to Kuching to meet with the Association's Advisor Senator Puan Sri Empiang


Membership Application Form 'Old Lukean Association, Sri Aman

1. This form is to be completed and sent to the Secretary

2. Please enclose a copy of your identity card

3. Payments to be enclosed:-

                a. Member fee : RM 2.00 (yearly)

                b. Entrance fee : RM 2.00


                c. Life Member Fee : RM 50.00

    To :    The Secretary , Old Lukean Association, Sri Aman,

              Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan St. Luke,

              95000, Sri Aman.


Section A

1. Name :

2. Sex :    M                    F                                3. Date of Birth :

4. Place of Birth :                                               5. Citizenship :

6. Identity Card Number : Old


7. Date/Year * you were a student or staff of SMK St. Luke**/SK St. Luke**

8. Profesion                                                     9. Office/Work Address : ____________________________


10. Home Address:______________________________               Tel :___________________________


    Tel : _____________________________


________________________                                                                __________________________

    Applicant's signature                                                                                        Date



For official use

11. Type of member                    Ordinary member

                                                   Honorary member


12. Payment Receipt number :





2004,SMK ST LUKE LAST UPDATED Monday, October 11, 2004